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You have probably seen on Twinway social media the many pass photographs of our successful pupils passing the part A and then later in the week a further photograph of the part B pass and wonder what is this all about?

Back in November the DVLA announced that the part 3 hgv test would be split into two parts.

3a) off road exercise test

3b) on road driving test

3A) The DVLA now allow third party training organisations to carry out the 3a tests along side the actual test centre. This creates extra availability for Twinway to locate more reverse tests and continue to produce quality training and accessible courses over a six-day period to include all lessons and both parts of the test.

The off-road exercise will still include:

- S shaped reverse into a bay

- Showing the coupling and recouple procedure if trailer test

The 3a off road test must be passed before the actual on road test.

3B) The on-road test will continue to take place at the Darlington DVLA test centre and the appointment time will reduce slightly due to the off-road test already completed.

The on-road exercise will still include:

- Show me tell me vehicle safety questions

- Practical on road driving

This new procedure applies to all licences to include C1, C and C+E. For further details on the driver training that we have in place please visit

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